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Black Dirt Land Sales and Management offers farm and development land brokerage services - representing buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.
We are licensed in Nebraska and Iowa with reliable connections in South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma.



Sales -  


Black Dirt successfully evaluates market conditions and property features to determine the most effective way to satisfy a seller's goals. 

  • A "good" sale for one land owner is not necessarily the same for another  

  • Price is only one of many terms that can make up an attractive transaction

  • There are several methods of sales that include: private treaty, exclusive listings and auctions.


Black Dirt represents buyers that have an interest in purchasing land.

  • We know the critical questions to ask and we listen well, which streamlines the buying process

  • Sharing our market knowledge with buyers gives them the confidence to be decisive when the right opportunity is presented to them

  • Black Dirt is steadfast in locating the right property for the buyers we represent



Leases -


Black Dirt works diligently to stay abreast of up-to-date market data that dictates rent.

  • Agricultural land rental rates are tied to rapidly changing world commodity markets, often affected by everything from the value of the dollar to weather and energy prices

  • A fair deal is the best deal for all parties and the key ingredient to long term relationships between landlords and tenants

  • Black Dirt Land Sales & Management negotiates with a level of sensitivity to both sides of any transaction, yet a clear sense of responsibility to the client we represent



Management -


We offer management services with special consideration given to location that assures our landowners frequent visits and on-going communication with them, their contractors and tenants. 


Black Dirt Land Sales and Management
Black Dirt Land Sales and Management
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